VIDEO: Brexit: Doncaster Leave voter switches to Remain at town centre People's Vote rally

A Doncaster man who voted for Brexit has been filmed saying how he'd now vote Remain in a second referendum at a town centre rally calling for a People's Vote.

Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 11:40 am
Updated Tuesday, 11th December 2018, 11:45 am
Leave voter Leon says he would now vote Remain.

Campaign group Best for Doncaster said the man, known only as Leon, 'changed his opinion before our very eyes' during Saturday's gathering in the Market Place.   The group said that the majority of people in Doncaster now want a People's Vote.   The Brexitometer event saw more than 1,800 volunteers across the UK stage events gauging public opinion in relation to Brexit.   READ MORE: Prime Minister delays crunch vote as court rules UK can cancel Brexit   The event came ahead of yesterday's announcement by Prime Minister Theresa May that she was postponing a crucial House of Commons vote by MPs on Brexit after admitting she would not get the deal through Parliament.   A spokesman said: 'Opinion polls consistently show a clear majority of voters in most constituencies across the UK want their say on Brexit in a People's Vote, and this was reflected in Doncaster, where 59% of Saturday's '˜Brexitometer' respondents want a People's Vote when asked 'who should decide our future?'.

'As part of the government's Brexit deal, we'll lose all our rights as an EU member '“ with less trade, fewer opportunities, and lower living standards.

Leave voter Leon says he would now vote Remain.

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Doncaster MP says people have NOT changed minds over BrexitÂ

'People across the UK will lose the right to live, work or study visa-free around Europe. And following what would be the biggest single biggest loss of sovereignty and control in British history, we would continue to follow EU rules, but have no say over how they're made.

Frederika Roberts, chairman of Best for Doncaster, said: 'This was a hugely successful day of action, with over 140 events happening nationwide telling the government that we are not buying this dodgy deal.

'This deal satisfies no one and solves nothing. The only way out of this mess is to give the decision back to the people in a People's Vote.  Results nationally are supported by the results of every '˜Brexitometer' we have held in Doncaster since July this year.'

The Best for Doncaster group held a Brexitometer event in the town centre

In Doncaster, 68 people answered the question 'What's best for the UK?' and 61 people answered the question 'Who should decide our future?'. 

The majority of respondents had voted '˜Leave' in the 2016 referendum. 

Whilst a small majority (49% vs 47%) favoured leaving the EU without a deal over remaining in the EU, only 4% endorsed Theresa May's deal. 

Of those who favoured remaining in the EU, 16% had voted '˜leave' in the 2016 referendum and have since changed their minds. 

In a town where, in 2016, 70% of voters opted to leave the EU, these results show that the gap between those wishing to leave the EU and those wishing to remain is closing.

She added: 'Distrust of politicians after two and a half years of shambolic negotiating and Parliamentary in-fighting was clearly expressed by just about everyone we spoke to. 

'Overall, regardless how people voted in 2016, the message was clear: Now we know what leaving the EU looks like, the people need to get a chance to express their views via a People's Vote.'