VIDEO: Daredevil films himself dangling from Sheffield's tallest crane '“ as trio spend all night at top of tower

This is the terrifying moment a thrillseeking daredevil dangled hundreds of feet off the ground from Sheffield's tallest city centre crane, describing it as '˜a life goal completed.'

By The Newsroom
Friday, 23 November, 2018, 09:40

The clip shows a group of friends scaling the huge crane in the city centre, climbing into the cab and spending an entire night at the top of the huge structure and filming their antics as they try to avoid police below.

And at one stage, after performing pull-ups on the crane, one of the trio tells the camera: 'I didn't think I'd ever do that.

The moment a video blogger films himself dangling hundreds off feet off the ground from Sheffield's tallest crane. Our image has been pixellated. (Photo: YouTube)

'I hung off a crane. That's a life goal completed. Tick it off the bucket list.'

The footage, which has only just been uploaded to YouTube, was filmed in July and uploaded by a user called JK Vids.

It begins with '˜JK' explaining how he's planning to spend the entire night on the crane in Tenter Street as '˜a challenge.'

The trio of friends spent all night at the top of the crane for a 'challenge.' (Photo: YouTube)

He tells the camera: 'This is gonna be a good one because we're climbing a crane and we're not only climbing a crane, we're doing an overnight challenge on top of a crane.

'I've never seen this being done before. I'm trying to be original. This is really pushing the limit.'

After meeting up with two friends, JK, and his pals are seen scrambling over security fences at the building site and he says: 'It's not very smart what we're doing, but who cares? You've got to be original.'

The group spent the night filming Sheffield's skyline from the top of the crane. (Photo: YouTube)

'Hopefully we don't get caught.'

The group then film themselves using ladders to climb to the top of the crane where they sit '˜chilling' and taking in '˜amazing views' of Sheffield.

He says: 'This is so cool. Who else is doing this. We're just chilling up here and not getting caught.'

As they spot blue flashing lights from a police car far below, he tells the camera: 'Please don't be for us. Keep going. They better keep on going.'

The crane in Tenter Street is hundreds of feet high.

As the vehicle passes by, a voice can be heard saying: 'Thank God for that.' 

At one stage, one of the group goes off to fetch drinks from a nearby shop before the trio realise they can gain access to the driver's cab.

Inside, they take it in turns to sit in the cab seat while eyeing up the crane driver's personal items '“ which includes a selection of books, coffee, food, drinks and a kettle.

'Let's have a cup of tea,' says one, before announcing: 'This is officially the comfiest chair ever. It's like heaven.'

'˜JK' then climbs '˜to the very top' of the tower crane and tells the camera: 'This is scary. My legs are shaking so much right now.

'I am terrified. It makes me feel sick.

As the sun rises and after spending all night at the top of the crane,  he says: 'It is probably a good idea to get down before we get caught.

'In many years time I'll look back at this and think what an idiot. But we had a laugh and had fun. Just have fun.

'That's got to be the craziest overnight challenge ever.'

The 15-minute video, entitled '˜Overnight Challenge on the Highest Crane in Sheffield (Insane) was uploaded on October 31 '“ but was filmed on July 7 at the height of the summer heatwave.