VIDEO: Dramatic thunder storm sweeps across South Yorkshire

A spectacular thunder storm was caught on video this morning as it raged above South Yorkshire.

The storm, which erupted at around 5am and lasted around a hour, saw huge forks of lightening illuminating the sky and waves of deafening thunder waking people in their beds.



There was then a torrenstial downpour, causing some flash flooding as drains struggled to cope with the deluge.

Residents in Woodhouse and Handsworth in Sheffield and nearby Treeton, Rotherham, said the storm felt too close for comfort.

It was heard on the other side of Sheffield, with residents in Crookes also woken up by the thunder.

Karl Atkin, aged 27, who shot the storm on his mobile phone from his bedroom window in Woodhouse, said he feared a train has crashed.



"It woke me up and at first I thought a freight train had crashed at the bottom of the road," he said.

"There was then a heavy downpour which lasted around an hour.

"The thunder and lightening was at a frequency of abut every two to three minutes."

Claire Hawley, 40, from Treeton, said: "I was woken up by huge bright flashes illuminating the bedroom and then the boom of the thunder. It was quite frightening at first at that time of the morning,

"I have no idea how anyone slept through that, it's one of the loudest roars of thunder I have ever heard and the lightening was spectacular as it was so dark."

Sheffield Road in Woodhouse flooded during the storm.

Streets Ahead workers are dealing with the issue this morning.

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