VIDEO: Families enjoy Herdings Park Festival

Almost 3,000 people packed into a Sheffield park on Saturday to enjoy live music, cheerleaders and an umbrella parade.

Herdings Park Festival saw the area off Raeburn Road host the event - with Newfield, Bankwood and Valley Park Primary School youngsters as well as families taking part in various activities.

Herdings Park Festival. Tanya Mapiye,11, decorates an umbrella

Herdings Park Festival. Tanya Mapiye,11, decorates an umbrella

The festival, funded entirely by the community and run by volunteers, was opened by Sheffield’s mayor and ended with children twirling umbrellas they painted and decorated themselves.

Festival costs were met through donations from local businesses and churches.

Steve Rundell, a volunteer organiser from Gleadless Community Forum, said: “It’s been an amazing day. The number of people so far outweighed our expectations - we’ve had about 2,500, maybe 3,000 people.

“Many of the activities have had to stop because they’ve simply run out of equipment.

“The music has been amazing, the organisation has been amazing, the smiles on people’s faces has been amazing. It has been a really, really positive day for Gleadless Valley and a day that we’re not going to forget for a while.”