VIDEO: Learn about the creation of the Peak District

A group of activists and videographers and have made a video explaining about the creation of the Peak District.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 6:08 am
Peak District views, Curbar Edge

In April 1932, 400 to 500 working class people went on a mass trespass across part of what we now know as the Peak District National Park, having previously been told they were not allowed to do so.

Their ramble led to the creation of the Peak District National Park. And we now have the right to roam on the moorland.

The Mass Trespass saga has been captured in a 13-minute documentary, called the Mass Trespass, which has been released by WellRedFilms.

Alan Story, chair of Sheffield-based WellRedFilms said:“There is a new enclosure movement under way in the countryside today, fracking is a good example, and the lessons from Mass Trespass are really quite timeless ones.”

The documentary explains what happened when five men were arrested for following the advice of their professor, who told them ‘if you want the moors to be free, you must free them for yourselves.’

It shows a reconstruction of the trial of Mass Trespass leader Benny Rothman, who was one of those arrested when wardens set upon the youth with sticks. He was convicted and spent four months in prison, along with others.

Thanks to their action, however, almost 20 years later, The Peak District, which was the first UK national park was created. Almost 70 years later, the legislation giving the right to roam was passed.

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