VIDEO: Mosborough residents demand action over flooding

Residents on a Sheffield street whose lives have been blighted by flooding for more than a decade are demanding action.

Homeowners in Valley Cottages, High Street, Mosborough, have suffered with flooding for around 15 years because of a damaged culvert near their properties.

Periods of heavy rainfall now regularly causes the storm drain to overflow and flood gardens, cellars and ground floors of the homes.

Residents have resorted to using makeshift flood defences and sand bags to prevent further damage.

Julie Greaves, aged 44, who rents out a property at Valley Cottages, said: “It’s like a mini tsunami when it happens.

“It used to be an annual event. Now it’s getting more frequent.

“We keep going round in circles with the agencies - we don’t know what to do.”

The manhole to the storm drain is in the back garden of Rachael Else’s home on Toll House Mead, which overlooks the front of the cottages.

The 35-year-old said: “There is no warning when the overflow happens, other than to check it out when we have heavy rainfall but then we cannot stop the water escaping.

“It isn’t very nice at all for the residents and owners of the cottages off High Street that get badly flooded.

“Last month flood water also ran off further and affected houses at the bottom of Toll House Mead.

“The overflow tends to happen when we have periods of intense heavy rainfall because the current storm drain system cannot cope with the volume of water flowing through there that is collected from around Mosborough and beyond.

“The other residents have also learnt there is a blockage in the culvert that may be caused by a partially collapsed wall inside the old culvert.”

A Sheffield Council spokesman said it had received calls from residents.

He added: “Although we don’t own this particular part of the water infrastructure and therefore have no responsibility for maintaining it, we have been working with the home owners affected to advise them how to protect their properties from flooding in future.

“We have also provided them with sand bags so they can do this more effectively.

“As a longer term measure we are also working with our partner agencies to identify Government funding opportunities to enable us to renovate privately owned assets such as these across the city.”

A Yorkshire Water spokesman said: “This flooding stems from issues with a drain and culvert which are not Yorkshire Water’s responsibility to maintain.

“We would advise any customers who are unclear on where responsibility for these matters sits to visit the Big Transfer section of our website.”