Video: Sheffield boxer Sam O'maison hits like a mule says trainer Ryan Rhodes, ahead of English title contest

Kevin Hooper will be hit harder than he's ever been hit before, on Saturday night.

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 10:21 am
Updated Thursday, 19th April 2018, 10:36 am
Ryan Rhodes

That's the prediction made by Ryan Rhodes, the trainer of the man who is set to inflict the damage, Sam O'maison.

The pair lock horns at Bramall Lane on Saturday; the winner taking away the English super lightweight title (ten stone.)

Rhodes says Hooper has campaigned mainly at 9st 9lbs - and could be in for a rude awakening from the heavy-handed Sheffield man.

O'maison has a 38% KO rate but that doesn't tell the whole story, says Shalesmoor-based Rhodes.

"Sam's record [W14 (6KOs) L2] doesn't give him enough credit, on how hard Sam hits.

"He is the biggest punching guy I have been on the pads with. For a 10 stone guy it is scary how hard he hits.

Ryan Rhodes

"If Sam hits you, you'd know about it. And if Sam hits Kev Hooper right on Saturday night, I believe it will be an early night.

"Kev will come for a good fight until that one time Sam hits Kev and I know Kev Hooper will think: 'Wow, 10 stone.'

"Because Kev has only been at super lightweight for, I think, two or three fights...I can guarantee down at lightweight he will not have been hit the way Sam O'masion will hit."

The 26 year old South Yorkshire boxer has never boxed more than six rounds on the pro circuit.

Sam O'maison, right, with Dalton Smith

But if he fails to stop the Grimsby opponent, 34, he won't find it difficult to dominate over 10 rounds, says the trainer.

"He can do 10 rounds, no problem" said Rhodes.

"He is the one in the gym I have to kick out, he's a gym rat, he never stops training. I have to calm him down.

"The discipline he has in and outside the gym is amazing.

Ryan Rhodes

"If you want to to build a fighter, regarding discipline, dedication, ambition quality, you have got to look at Sam O'maison as that kind of fighter."

FACT SPOT: Hooper is more experienced - his first round on Saturday will be his 170th, in a career stretching back nine years. But he only has a 15 % KO rate. He hasn’t forced a stoppage in three years - his last against Barnsley’s Ben Wager.

Sam O'maison, right, with Dalton Smith