VIDEO: Sheffield couple to make history with midnight wedding

Their very first kiss was shared as the clock struck twelve – and now this couple will make history when they wed at midnight.

Kyle Emerson, aged 25, and 28-year-old Richie Wood will be the first same-sex couple in Sheffield, and potentially the country, to get hitched under new equal marriage laws which come into force on March 29.

First same sex marriage in Sheffield Kyle Emerson and Richie Wood

First same sex marriage in Sheffield Kyle Emerson and Richie Wood

The pair, who have been together for seven years after they met in a Manchester club on New Year’s Eve, and engaged for one, jumped at the chance to tie the knot in Sheffield Town Hall.

Richie, speaking as the couple registered their intent to marry yesterday, said: “The marrying at midnight is what resonated and makes it so special for us because that’s how we came to be.

“We are excited about the prospect of being the first in Sheffield, it’s a real honour, but we always said from the start that we are more interested in celebrating the equality that’s been achieved and our love and commitment to each other.”

The couple – who live in Hillsborough, and both work for Sheffield Hallam University – had considered a civil partnership.

Kyle added: “For us it is about the equality, I don’t see my relationship as any different so why should it be called something different?

“I love history and am so excited about marrying in the Town Hall and being the first couple.”

Sheffield Council and independent businesses are supporting the nuptials.

The running order will happen backwards to build up to the big midnight moment, with canapes before a sit-down meal. Dignitaries are invited from 11pm.

Kyle and Richie have been thrown into a whirlwind of planning since they found out the news.

Richie added: “The last week has been mental, it’s hard work but we are so excited, and all the stress is condensed into three weeks.

“My niece is four so she’s probably going to walk us down the aisle at midnight, – all depending on whether she can stay awake!” LGBT Sheffield secretary Coun Neale Gibson said the couple would be the first in England to marry under new laws – beating Brighton’s bid.

He added: “This is huge for Sheffield, it puts us on the map as a city of equality. We are very excited about it and the council is supportive. Sheffield was the first city to make steel, lead new technology, and now to have the first equal marriage.”