VIDEO: Sheffield’s Longest Deedar Day in two minutes

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Sheffield from sunrise to sunset on the longest day of the year in two minutes, that’s the end result of a Star video you can watch right here.

The stunning scenes of our beloved city were captured by Star journalists in our Longest Local Day project to mark the summer solstice.

The Star: The Longest Deedar Day video project to record Sheffield in two minutes.

The Star: The Longest Deedar Day video project to record Sheffield in two minutes.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch the finished video, sponsored by the British Heart Foundation.

Every member of The Star’s editorial team contributed to the project by taking a short video clip of the city.

The footage was then set to a poem penned specially for the event by award winning Sheffield poet Ian McMillan, the Bard of Barnsley, who said he was ‘happy to help out his neighbours in Sheffield’.

The short film was shot at locations across the city from dawn to dusk, and put together by The Star’s digital editor Graham Walker, with graphics by Simon Waller.

The first scenes show the sun rising over the city - stunning views captured in Meersbrook Park.

As the first copies of The Star rolled off the presses at our printing press in Dinnington yesterday morning, we were there to capture the moment.

Cows being milked at Our Cow Molly dairy farm in Dungworth, runners out for an early morning jog, the kettle going on and a little girl brushing her teeth in Beighton showed Sheffield folk going about their everyday routines as the city sprung into life on the longest day of the year.

Clinton Woods shadow boxing at dawn, commuters catching trains, trams and buses to work, footage of both Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday football grounds, and even a wedding all feature.

As the day continued, workers were caught on camera lunching in the Peace Gardens, factory workers were filmed making famous Sheffield steel, and children were recorded playing in the school grounds as shoppers browsed in the city centre.

Footage of the sun going down was taken from a vantage point above the city’s Midland Railway Station looking across towards Hillsborough.

Every newspaper owned by The Star’s parent company, Johnston Press, also took part in the project to record local life in towns and cities across the country.

The Star’s Editor Jeremy Clifford said: “The Longest Local Day has been a fantastic example of how journalists at The Star have come together to showcase what is great about Sheffield and the region through the new technology we are increasingly using.

“We have been delighted with the public’s response to our appeals to send in their own video clips to mark the longest day and these were incorporated into the video.

“This has been part of a much bigger project across all newspapers owned by Johnston Press to get all of our journalists to use video, our websites and newspapers to record the longest day of the year. 
“I hope you enjoy our video production.”

Videos were filmed by: Julia Armstrong, Jon Ball, Ellen Beardmore, Nik Brear, Chris Burton, Sarah Crabtree, Jo Davison, Richard Fidler, Toby Higgins, Peter Kay, Claire Lewis, Molly Lynch, Barry Richardson, Polly Rippon, Mike Russell, James Shield, Charles Smith, Martin Smith, Ian Soutar, Graham Walker, David Walsh and Bob Westerdale.