VIDEO: Terrifying sound of hounds heard in city.

Have you ever heard the terrifying sound of Sheffield’s Gabriel hounds?

David Clarke has investigated the legendary beasts for his new ghost book Scared To Death.

Sheffield Ghost Stories with David Clarke

Sheffield Ghost Stories with David Clarke

Dramatic encounters with the mysterious hounds were reported in the newspapers of the day.

The stories were told by the city’s most famous Victorian journalist John Holland.

In a letter dated March 28, 1861, Holland says he could ‘never forget the impression made upon my mind when once arrested by the sound of those Gabriel hounds as I passed the parish church of Sheffield, one densely dark and very still night. The sound was exactly like the questing of a dozen beagles on the foot of a race, but not so loud, and highly suggestive of ideas of the supernatural’.

Holland tried to rationalise his eerie experience in an article for The Sheffield Telegraph in 1869 – saying it could perhaps have been the sounds of geese.

David Clarke will be signing copies of Scared To Death and answering your questions about Sheffield ghosts from 3.30pm on Friday in The Star shop on York Street.