VIDEO: Tinsley house explosion resident escapes with minor injuries

A man escaped with minor injuries after his house was destroyed by an explosion.

The resident had recently left the property on Dundas Road, Tinsley, when it was ripped apart by what is believed to be a gas explosion.

The house destroyed following an explosion on Dundas Road Tinsley in Sheffield.

The house destroyed following an explosion on Dundas Road Tinsley in Sheffield.

He was taken to hospital with minor injuries after the lucky escape and some neighbours, a woman and her two children, were suffering from suspected smoke inhalation.

Families living on the street have been evacuated to the nearby Hinde House School and the road cordoned off for hours as emergency services investigate.

Ade Robinson, incident commander for South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, said: “It looks like the resident was leaving the property and the explosion has occured.

“He is in hospital and there are a number of other people injured, I think they were in the property next door.”

Fire teams have put out the flames from a small fire at the scene, made the area safe and helped evacuate residents with police.

They remain at the scene to slowly search rubble of the house, with extra urban search and rescue vehicles from West Yorkshire brought in as a precaution.

The gas, electric and water supplies to the street have also been switched off.

Mr Robinson added: “The house is totally destroyed, it is going to have to be demolished as possibly is the one next door.

“This is going to go on for for some considerable time, another three or four hours.”

There is still disruption to nearby roads and police enquiries are continuing.

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