VIDEO: Watch Factory Floor an Archive Sheffield Film

During 2013 photographer Clive Egginton began his residency at TSL Turtons, a spring making factory in Sheffield.

As “Archivist in Residence” he worked alongside the men in the factory, documenting their day to day life and working methods.

Factory Floor

Factory Floor

Clive visited regularly over a period of several months, building up an extensive archive of documentary images and large format portraits. As the project progressed it became apparent that the factory would also provide a compelling subject for a short documentary film and to this end Clive invited his friends Nathan Gibson and Marcus Sarko to collaborate. Filming throughout the winter of 2013 and into the new year the three gradually brought together the 15 minute portrait “Factory Floor”.

The short documentary was part of the Archive Sheffield Project. It was screened for the first time in March of 2014 at the Showroom cinema in Sheffield and also appeared as part of The Tactile Image exhibition at Castle House during the biannual Festival of the Mind last September.

Today we are giving you the chance to watch this stunning film. To view the film in full simply click here

Sadly Clive fell ill with cancer during the final stages of filming and as a result suffered significant damage to his vision. He passed away peacefully at the end of September 2014, only days after an exhibition of tactile images made for visually impaired people - the first of it’s kind - was held by close friends and family with assistance from the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

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