Walk in stile at hall

Starting close to the former railway station, our route climbs up to Wortley village. From the village, we pass through farm land and woods. The route then swings round and drops to the Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) which links to the start point.

1. Return in the direction of the road, Finkle Street Lane. About 20 m before the road, on your left, a stone stile leads to a footpath which heads off, to the left, across the fields towards Wortley at the top of the hill. The first part of the path is paved.

2. Follow the path all the way up to Wortley village.

3. When you reach the main road, Halifax Road, the A629, cross the road, turn right and take the left turn down Park Avenue.

4. Take the right fork down The Flats. The left fork leads to Wortley Hall.

5. Follow The Flats. You will pass through an ornate wrought iron gate as you progress into the Wharncliffe Estate.

6. Continue along the bridleway, passing through a metal gate. You will reach a second gateway by trees. There are footpath signs. Go through the gate, turn left and follow the edge of the field.

7. When you reach the next field boundary, go to the stone stile (with waymarker) in the left corner of the field. Cross the stile. The footpath cuts across this field. However, you may find it easier to follow the left hand field boundary. You will rise up after a dip. There is a gateway in the wall on your left, adjacent to a signpost (sign missing) just before the field slopes away.

8. The path leads down the lane through the woods to a bridge over a small stream. As soon as you have crossed the bridge go straight on crossing the track (DO NOT turn right). Go up the path about 100 m to the telegraph pole. Go to the right of the pole. There is a mesh enclosure on your right. About 15 m beyond the pole, a path to the right can be found to the left of the clearing on the same heading as the path up to the pole (NW). This narrow path drops down to a wooden stile (about 35 m from the telegraph pole).

9. Cross the stile and continue. Crossing a stile, it opens out onto the lower edge of a series of fields. Go ahead, following the line of trees on your left.

10. You will reach a rudimentary stile (which incorporates two pallets) that crosses the corner into the next field up and to the left. Cross this stile, or use the gateway slightly further up the field.

11. Keep the field boundary on your right as you climb the hill towards the houses at Hermit Hill. Cross the stile onto Hermit Hill and turn left.

12. After about 100 m there is a marked bridleway to the right, up the bank. Take the path through the gate, through another gate following the path to the left and into the field.

13. Cross the field heading for Cliffe Farm in the distance, keep the hedge to your right until you reach the ridge that runs across the field.

14. From the ridge you will see a substantial stile ahead of you. Cross the stile and take the steps down.

15. At the bottom of the steps, bear slightly left, SW across the field, aiming for a small group of trees and bushes low down at the far corner of the field.

There is no path, just lots of sheep tracks.

16. At the corner of the field there is a bridge over a small stream and footpath markers by the two stiles.

Cross the bridge into the next field. Aim for the left hand field boundary. About 100 m into the field, follow the wall round as it turns to the left.

17. Follow the wall and you will find a stone stile in the corner.

18. Cross the stile and bearing right, continue in the same direction up the hill along the field boundary where the hedge is largely missing. There is no clear path at this point. Keep going in this direction (SW). When you reach a wall, keep the wall on your left until you reach Cliffe Common Lane.

19. At Cliffe Common Lane, pass through the gate or climb the stile and turn right. After about 100 m take the unmarked path to the left, down steps to a wooden bridge over a stream. This path is just before a series of markers by the side of the road.

20. Climb the stile and follow the path up and into a field. Keep the trees and small stream to your right. After about 100 m the path drops down and turns right, crosses the stream, passes over a stile and continues up into the next field.

21. Go straight across this field, aiming for the telegraph pole in the trees. There is a slightly overgrown stile by the telegraph pole. Cross into the next field.

22. Follow the field boundary on your right until you reach the group of small trees. The path goes through the hedge at the field boundary. Turn left immediately, there is a marker post showing the route. Go up the field boundary, keeping the hedge on your left.

23. Cross into the next field. Go straight across the field aiming for the trees in the far hedge. Cross a stile. The path then goes into a large field, continuing in approximately the same direction (SSW).

24. The path goes straight across this field, passing Crane Greave Farm on your left. Cross the farm track and continue up with the field boundary on your right hand side.

25. Continue up the hill. The path is clear and continues, in an approximate straight line, through a series of fields. Catch your breath at the top of the hill and admire the views.

26. Bearing left, there is a lane that leads down from the field to Halifax Road, the A629. This is a busy road with a 60 mph limit, so approach with care.

27. At this point, cross the road and turn left. The path you need is after about 50 m, opposite a lay-by.

28. Cross the stile and take the path down into the field. There is no clear path across this field. Walk diagonally down to the right following the periodic marker posts. Aim slightly to the right of Thurgoland, the village across the valley.

29. When you reach the far corner of the field there is a small wooden stile at the base of the railway embankment. Cross the stile and follow the path to the right. Take a left under the bridge then go round to the right and up the steps onto the TPT.

30. Turn right and follow the trail back to the car park. This is off to your left, at the Cote Green Finkle Street sign, just before the old station buildings.

Wortley Circular from Cote Green

• Length - 5.8 miles

• Grade - Country lanes and fields with mostly well marked paths. Gentle climbs. Can be very muddy in parts

• Start – Finkle Street Lane, opposite Plank Gate, near Wortley

• Grid Reference SK 299 994

• Maps – OL1 Dark Peak, OS Explorer 278

• Parking – Cote Green, Trans Pennine Trail (TPT) car park

• Refreshments – Countess Tea Rooms, Wortley Arms, Wortley Club, Wortley Hall (all in Wortley).

• Public Toilets – none on this route

• Public Transport – numbers 23 and 29 bus routes pass through Wortley.

• This walk is described, in detail, on the website of Stocksbridge Walkers are Welcome: