Walking: A milestone in timeÂ

A walk above High Bradfield which visits two 18th century milestones.   Length 6.5 miles Time 3.5 hours Grade - Moderate. Some steep ascents, rough ground and muddy in places. Large ladder stiles. A section is on roads. The paths are well defined. Start - Old Horns Inn, Brown House Lane, High Bradfield. Parking '“ On the road at High Bradfield. Please do NOT park on the Old Horns Inn car park. Grid Reference SK 2685 9246 Public transport - 61 /62 Bus stop in High Bradfield Refreshments '“ Old Horns Inn, High Bradfield   This walk was written and produced by Bradfield Walkers Are Welcome for more interesting walks please visit http://www.bradfield-walkers.org.uk     Starting in High Bradfield the walk passes St Nicholas' Church before descending to Agden Reservoir. The route then climbs above the reservoir and crosses moorland before reaching the first of two 18th century milestones. The route then follows high ground with views across Ewden valley towards Bolsterstone.

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The route then cuts back towards High Bradfield, visiting the second milestone. Views across to Win Hill are afforded from above High Bradfield before dropping down across fields to return to the village. Go towards St Nicholas' Church. At the entrance to the church yard go to the right of the watchtower and take the footpath through the grounds of the church. Continue all the way through the church yard.

On passing through the stone stile turn left and take the path down the hill. Follow the path all the way down to the road. Beware of traffic. Turn right and follow the road round to the gated entrance to Agden reservoir on the left. Follow the permissive path through trees along the side of Agden Reservoir, a Yorkshire Water facility. The path follows close to the edge of the reservoir before turning up right and passing through a gate to a track. Cross a wooden stile to take the diagonal path up the hill to the right immediately opposite gateway. Follow the path along side of the wire fence, climbing steeply up the hill to cross a wooden stile. Follow the path straight ahead along the ridge below the wall.

Continue through the wooden gate stile and up to Agden Side Road. Beware of traffic.

Cross the road and go over the ladder stile opposite and into the field . Drop down to the gateway on the left. This section can be muddy in wet weather.

Continue up towards the stone gateway into the field. Just before the field entrance take the path to the right which loops around the field. Continue across the moor until you reach the wooden gate. Pass through the gate and onto the main road, which is Mortimer Road. This road can be busy and the path emerges on a blind bend.

Turn right and go up the road. Notice the deep ditch and embankment on the left hand side of the road. This is an ancient monument known as the Bar Dyke.

A short way up the road you will pass the Ordnance Survey marker enclosed by a green fence.

A short distance further along you will find the first of the milestones at the junction of Mortimer Road and Penistone Road.

From the milestone go across the road to the bridle way which passes through the metal gate on the right. Drop down the hill, joining and then turning left to continue along the track between the high stone walls. Follow the track for some distance, passing through a gate into the farm yard and continuing through along the farm drive to its junction with the road.

There is a large quantity of farm machinery along the drive. At the junction with Canyard Hills Lane turn right. Continue along Canyard Hills Lane past a lane on the left and past a lane on the right.

The road starts to rise steeply. About two thirds of the way up the hill take the footpath up on the banking off to the right. There are excellent views across the Ewden valley towards Bolsterstone from this point.

Follow the path up the hill and over White Lee Moor. Keep on the path until you pass through the slit stile onto Penistone Road. Beware of traffic. The route will continue over the ladder stile opposite after a short diversion to see the other milestone. Turn left and go up the hill. After about 100m you will find the second milepost. Return to the ladder stile  and cross into the field.The path is not clear from the ladder stile. Head off perpendicular to the road. Go up towards the crest to the hill. After 100m you should spot a marker post. The path then follows the edge of the hill and is identified by a number of marker posts. Continue until you reach a wooden bench facing the view across Dale Dike and Strines Reservoirs to Win Hill. Take the footpath that drops steeply down the hill. Aim for the wooden gate at the bottom left of the field.

Turn left and go past Rocher Head Farm and along the track past the ruined farm buildings and into the fields. Take the path that runs above the line of hawthorn bushes. Continue over the ladder stile (or past as there is no fence) and on over the stone stile. Continue in the same direction until you reach the wall and gateway. Drop down to the right and join the forest track, turning left onto the track. Follow the track round, crossing the stream. Go through the wooden gate and up the hill.  Follow the path up the hill and as it turns right through a stone gateway. Follow the path along to the churchyard and then to High Bradfield.