Wardens’ parking ‘is a cheek’

BUSINESSES in Sheffield have accused parking wardens of “bare-faced cheek” – for allegedly leaving their own cars all day in spaces with a two-hour parking limit.

The service is based on Garden Street, off Broad Lane, on the edge of the city centre and people who work in the area say wardens regularly park for hours at a time on surrounding streets, defying the restrictions, while they go out in vans to find other motorists who break the rules.

Lee Vaughan, an insurance broker based in Solly Street, said: “There’s a two-hour maximum waiting limit on spaces in the area but we see the parking wardens turning up for work in their own cars and leaving them here all day. When they patrol the streets in the area, they ticket other vehicles that overstay the limit but ignore their own and those of colleagues. It’s bare-faced cheek and a complete abuse of privilege.”

The council says it is unaware of any contravention but it was taking the matter seriously. Staff have been told to park where long-stay parking is permitted and that they must not move their vehicles in work time.