Warning as dogs appear poisoned by rubbish

A Sheffield family has warned dog owners to be careful around fly-tipped rubbish, after several of their animals were poisoned.

Thursday, 2nd February 2017, 5:00 am
Shannon Mills keeps and trains dogs. On Monday they went out for a walk in an area where there had been some recent fly tipping off Northern Avenue. A couple of hours later most of the 13 dogs were being sick. One had to be taken to the vet and is still there - the vet says they have been poisoned. Picture: Chris Etchells

Shannon Mills and her dad Ryan were horrified when eight of their 13 agility dogs began vomiting uncontrollably recently. Earlier they had been taken for a walk around Arbourthorne Pond, and had gone past a large pile of household rubbish that had been dumped there several days earlier.

One of the older dogs, Finley, was so ill he had to be taken to the vets, where the cause of his illness was found to be poisoning.

Shannon, 18, believes something in the pile of rubbish was to blame: “They started throwing up all this horrible green stuff. The vet was adamant he’d been poisoned,’ she said.