We felt a weight had been lifted from our shoulders...

Kelvin Binns
Kelvin Binns

When 20-month-old son Kelvin Binns was rushed to the Sheffield Children’s Hospital after developing pneumonia, his family were understandably distraught.

Father Neil said: “We were completely panicked. Unfortunately, Kelvin’s immune system created unexpected complications and his stay had to be extended. Feeling vulnerable and isolated, we then had to consider where we could stay close by to the hospital, a daunting task made all the more difficult by the knowledge of Kelvin’s condition.

“When we were directed to Treetop House it felt as if a weight had been lifted from our shoulders. It was very reassuring to know that we were only a couple of minutes away from Kelvin at all times; the room even had a direct phone link to the hospital ward in case of emergency. It was wonderful to have somewhere for our practical needs such as a place to eat, sleep and wash without having to check into a hotel away from the hospital.

“The staff were really welcoming and were always on hand to answer any questions that we had. Meeting other families that were staying at Treetop House was also really beneficial. Occasionally people talked to each other about their children but people were also sensitive and realised when we just wanted to sit quietly. Everyone was going through a similar situation and although we were obviously still very concerned for Kelvin, the calming Home from Home environment helped remove some of the stress from the situation.

“Exploratory tests have revealed that Kelvin has non-hodgkin’s lymphoma and a mass behind his cheekbone, in the roof of his mouth and his lungs. Kelvin was having chemotherapy but has now finished treatment. We are awaiting the results from his scan but all in all he is doing very well now