‘We need to dig deep to find values’ – Bishop

bishoprc'Dr Steven Croft...new Bishop of Sheffield
bishoprc'Dr Steven Croft...new Bishop of Sheffield
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A RESPONSE to the protest by the Bishop of Sheffield, the Rt Rev Steven Croft:

“Something’s wrong with the world.

The ‘Occupy’ protest has spread across many different countries since it began in July. Groups of people are camping out in major cities.

The focus in Britain has been the camp outside St. Paul’s in London.

This week there has been a smaller camp outside our own Cathedral in Sheffield. What’s going on?

The protesters are trying to help us see that something isn’t right. Politicians, financiers and church leaders have all agreed though no-one claims to have the answer.

Something is wrong when the world seems driven only by greed. When the gap between rich and poor gets wider. When people won’t listen to the very poor.

The problems have grown until they are bigger than the problems of any single country or government. There are global causes to local problems.

Part of the answer is to continue to care for the poorest in the community. Sheffield Cathedral has a great record of practical support for the homeless through the Cathedral Archer Project. There are many examples of lives being changed through the work of this project.

The Cathedral is truly a place for all people. Every day prayer is offered for the city. Every day people visit looking for inner strength.

But part of the answer is to join in the big conversation.

How do we hold greed in check? How do we build a more equal world? How do we listen to people who have no voice? How do we create a stable global economy?

We need to dig deep to find our values again and work together to translate those values into ways to set the world right. Loving your neighbour as yourself is a good place to begin.”