‘We should be proud city has bounced back’

Dave Cates at St Thomas's Church food bank off Gilpin Street, Shalesmoor.
Dave Cates at St Thomas's Church food bank off Gilpin Street, Shalesmoor.

Dave Cates, managing director of Redemption Media, moved to Sheffield in 1997 to study electronic and electrical engineering at the University of Sheffield. Having tried to escape by returning south to work as a broadcast design engineer for BT, he was pulled back to Sheffield to help pioneer a new form of ‘church’ for nightclubbers. Several years later and running his own successful app development company, Dave is a school governor, married to Miriam and father to three children (the youngest being born recently on their ninth wedding anniversary!) Dave and Miriam have pioneered Europe’s first FoodBank app which was ‘born’ the week before their baby and has already been taken up by more than 15% of the nation’s FoodBanks. Dave still hasn’t escaped Sheffield...


Oughtibridge is a great ‘village’ on the northern outskirts of Sheffield. We moved here almost by accident some years ago, and we have fallen in love with the place.

Coronation Park in the centre of the village is a great feature and you often bump into people you know. During the summer, the park is full for the village gala and the November fireworks last year were epic! The primary school is amazing and as an ‘outstanding’ school, a real pride of the village.

Mill ponds

Having grown up by the sea and enjoying watersports activities, I love the fact that Sheffield has many rivers and a rich history of being built around the waterways. Being an engineer I also love how industry harnessed the water and generated its own ‘green’ energy. I love discovering some of the hidden mill ponds and imagining a thriving industry.

There are so many around Sheffield and it’s my dream to one day rebuild an old mill with its associated wheel and mill house. I’d love to restore it to become the modern-day equivalent, generating electricity.

Sheffield City Centre

When I moved to Sheffield in the late 90s, the city centre looked very different. The ‘egg box’ council offices were still in existence, as was the fountain at the top of Fargate. Now the difference is incredible.

We have a redeveloped Peace Gardens where everyone can enjoy the water, Winter Garden, frequent markets along Fargate and of course the brilliant new Moor Market.

For a city that in the 80s faced some of the worst levels of unemployment, I think Sheffield has bounced back incredibly and should be very proud of itself.


Being at the forefront of the industrial revolution made Sheffield the city that it is and ensured its status across the globe. Centuries later, failure to evolve and invest in modern ‘industry’ nearly killed it as well.

Now, after years of investment we can celebrate a healthy and growing digital and advanced manufacturing industry. This is a very exciting time to live and work in Sheffield.

There is so much potential for the city and the region to grow and become a true leader again in the advanced manufacturing and technology that it was once known for.

The Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at Catcliffe is such a brilliant resource and along with a passionate community of entrepreneurs Sheffield is buzzing with innovation, creativity and a thriving working community.

Social Action

Sheffield is a great city for all people and is very diverse. Whether you’re a young family or a retired person there’s so much to do in and around Sheffield. The parks are full of great facilities for children as well as cafes. Plenty of swimming pools, sports clubs, gyms...

There are also great services as well for the poor and in need across the city. So many groups assist those in need - from food banks like the S6 FoodBank we support and developed the app for, to family support, community transport and more.


Having lived in the city for nearly 17 years and with three children born here, I’ve certainly experienced a range of our brilliant NHS services in Sheffield. From various A&E trips, through to seeing my children born at the Jessop Wing, the quality of care has been exceptional. Our local GP practice at Middlewood has always been brilliant, as has the awesome Sheffield Children’s Hospital. The NHS and its staff in Sheffield are really something for us residents to be proud of.