Weather: Sheffield hotting up for a downpour

Soaking up the sun in Sheffield's Peace Gardens
Soaking up the sun in Sheffield's Peace Gardens

It was the driest of months, it was the wettest of months...

Sheffield’s weather in July included some of the highest temperatures ever seen in the city and was one of the most sun-soaked in history.

Soaring heat gave us the highest mean July temperature of 18.7C since 2006 and made it the fourth warmest July on record.

There were also 234 hours of sunshine, smashing the average of 195 hours and almost beating the 2006 record of 291 hours.

But new statistics also show downpours during the last few days of the month made it the third wettest finish to July.

On one day alone almost four centimetres of rain fell and in total more than 71mm was recorded.

Museums Sheffield’s Weston Park weather station has released the data as part of its monthly report for Star readers.

Alistair McLean, curator of natural sciences, said: “The beginning of July was the driest start to the month we’d seen since 1979.

“If the weather had remained dry, it was looking to be the driest July since 1911.

“Then, from July 22, we recorded 66.2mm of rain, including 38.3mm on July 27 alone.

“These downpours took us over the average for July and, in fact, this was the third wettest end of July on record.”

But if another heatwave occurs in Sheffield, a different record could be set.

Alistair added: “We’ve now breached 25C 14 times so far this year, in contrast to a grand total of three times for the whole of 2012.

“If we get a good August or an exceptionally warm September, we could break the record from 1995, which was the best year in terms of the number of gloriously hot days when there were 35 days above 25 degrees.”

* More mixed weather is ahead this weekend, say forecasters.

Today is expected to be mainly dry with sunny spells and the risk of showers.

Sunday will start dry with one or two showers turning cloudy with sunny spells in the afternnon. But there will be heavy rain most of Monday.