STORM DIANA: Hour-by-hour forecast for Sheffield as strong winds and torrential rain sweep in

After a period of relatively calm weather things are going to take a turn for the worse in the next few days as Storm Diana bears down on the UK.

During the course of the next 48 hours no less than THREE low pressure systems from the Atlantic are set to batter much of the UK.

Very heavy rain is set to arrive in Sheffield this afternoon and the very unsettled weather is set to stick around for the rest of the week.

Here’s the hour-by-hour forecast for Sheffield for the next few days:

Today (Tuesday November 27)

3pm: Heavy rain

Sheffield is set to be lashed by Storm Diana

Sheffield is set to be lashed by Storm Diana

4pm: Heavy rain

5pm: Heavy rain

6pm: Heavy rain

7pm: Heavy rain

8pm: Cloudy

9pm: Cloudy

10pm: Cloudy

11pm: Cloudy



1am: Cloudy

2am: Cloudy

3am: Cloudy

4am: Cloudy

5am: Light rain

6am: Heavy rain

7am: Light rain

8am: Light rain

9am:Light rain

10am:Light rain

11am: Cloudy

12Noon: Light rain

1pm:Light rain

2pm: Sunshine and showers

3pm: Light rain, strong winds

4pm: Light rain, strong winds

5pm: Light rain, strong winds

6pm: Dry, strong winds

7pm: Dry, strong winds

8pm:Dry, strong winds

9pm: Dry, strong winds

10pm: Dry, strong winds

11pm: Dry, strong winds



1am: Cloudy

2am: Cloudy

3am: Cloudy

4am: Cloudy

5am: Cloudy

6am: Heavy rain

7am: Heavy rain

8am: Heavy rain

9am: Heavy rain

10am: Cloudy

11am: Cloudy

12Noon: Cloudy