THESE are the areas of Sheffield most likely to get snow tonight

Parts of Sheffield could be set to get a wintry blast tonight as plummeting temperatures bring the risk of snow.

Last night temperatures fell below freezing leading to a ground frost across much of the city.

Some parts of Sheffield could wake up to snow tomorrow

Some parts of Sheffield could wake up to snow tomorrow

It will remain cold during today and overnight tonight an area of rain will move across the country and as it bumps into the cold air it could fall as snow in places, partiuclarly over high ground.

Precipitation falls as snow when the air temperature is 2C or lower. In addition to this differences in elevation (the altitude above sea level) bring a variety in temperatures – the higher you are the cooler the air temperature.

These factors combined makes it difficult for weather forecasters to accurate predict exactly where and whensnow will fall.

Such is Sheffield’s geography – the lowest point in Sheffield (near Meadowhall) is just 75ft above sea level whereas the highest point (High Stones) is 1,800ft above sea level – that at time some parts of the city get snow while others have sleet or rain.

Tonight forecaster expect snow to only fall over the highest areas, with rain falling at lower levels.

The following areas of Sheffield are more than 600ft above sea level and the places most likely to see some snow tonight:

Bents Green






Gleadless Town End


High Bradfield

Lodge Moor

Manor Top



Norton Lees