'˜We'll always have Sheffield:' Woman's bid to reunite lovebirds after finding romantic note in second hand DVD

A former Sheffield university student has launched an appeal to track down two long-lost city lovebirds '“ after finding a romantic note stuffed inside a second hand DVD.

Wednesday, 24th October 2018, 3:51 pm
Updated Wednesday, 24th October 2018, 3:58 pm
The note from Martin to Fran found inside a copy of Lost In Translation. (Photo: Danielle Mustarde).

Journalist Danielle Mustarde found the touching romantic letter, signed from Martin to a sweetheart known only as Fran with the cryptic message: 'We'll always have Sheffield' inside a copy of 2003 romantic movie Lost In Translation.

She believes the note may have been hidden inside the DVD '“ which she picked up from a second hand shop in Sheffield nearly eighteen months ago '“ for several years.

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The note from Martin to Fran found inside a copy of Lost In Translation. (Photo: Danielle Mustarde).

Danielle, who now lives in London, shared a picture of the note, written on two sheets of white paper, on Twitter and wrote: 'Found this heartbreaker tucked away in the sleeve of my second hand, DVD copy of Lost In Translation today.

'Now I'm on an unofficial mission to reunite Sheffield dreamboats Martin and Fran #martinmissesfran #wellalwayshavesheffield #sheffielddissuper.'

The Oscar winning romantic comedy-drama film stars Bill Murray as ageing actor Bob Harris, who befriends college graduate Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) in a Tokyo hotel.

At the end of the movie, the pair go their separate ways in a tearful finale '“ with Bob whispering an unknown line to Charlotte '“ and which fans have speculated over for years.

Journalist Danielle Mustarde found the romantic note in a second hand DVD.

Danielle, 28, a staff writer at DIVA magazine, says she bought the DVD in a shop off Abbeydale Road, while she was living here while studying for two years at the University of Sheffield around 18 months ago.'

She said: 'I took the DVD '“ one of only two I kept - with me to London when I left Sheffield, but only opened it up for the first time this morning when I found Martin's bloody lovely little note.

She added: 'Lost In Translation is my favourite film so, added points for Martin.'

Lost In Translation stars Scarlett Johannsen and Bill Murray as a couple who bond in a Tokyo hotel.

The full note reads: 'Fran,

'As promised, one not very exciting DVD. However, it is full of poignant moments which I can truley (sic) relate after my time in Sheffield '“ especially the ending.

'I miss you like mad and I hope that we meet again sometime. But for now, I'll leave you with this message, Martin.'

A separate page reads: 'We'll always have Sheffield, Martin.'

The movie won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar and for Murray and Johansson each won a BAFTA award for Best Actor in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Leading Role respectively.

In the film, Murray's character, an ageing American movie star, arrives in Tokyo to film an advertisement where he meets Charlotte, a young college graduate.

The pair are both struggling in their own relationships and as they encounter over and over again in the hotel and in the days that follow, Bob and Charlotte's platonic relationship develops as they spend more time together.

In a famous final scene, while in a taxi to the airport, Bob sees Charlotte on a crowded street and gets out and goes to her. He embraces the tearful Charlotte and whispers something in her ear. The two share a kiss, say goodbye and Bob departs.

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