Why Sunday is always father’s day in the Kitchen, on Ecclesall Road, as chef John Parsons’ father Paul takes over his lunchtime cooking duties...

Pictured at the Kitchen  restaurant ECCLESALL ROAD SHEFFIELD. Is Chef John Parsons & his dad Paul
Pictured at the Kitchen restaurant ECCLESALL ROAD SHEFFIELD. Is Chef John Parsons & his dad Paul

John said of his dad, who worked at the Rutland Hotel in Sheffield and in big London hotels: “He’s the guy who put me on the road to cheffing. His expertise is more mass catering, mine’s very restaurant based.”

The arrangement gives John a day to spend with his wife and children, while his dad oversees the production of a choice of four starters, four choices of plated roast dinner and four desserts. Prices are £12 for two courses or £15 for three.

Choices typically include prawn and salmon cocktail, goat’s cheese tart or soup, followed by sirloin of beef, pork or chicken, and then sticky toffee pudding, meringue, creme brulee or cheese. Kitchen is very keen on locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and John is very enthusiastic about the “amazing free range chickens” they get from Pog Lane on the outskirts of Sheffield.

The decision to open for Sunday lunch was prompted by regulars and they have supported the move enthusiastically so far in its first three weeks.

John and his team have been busy tweaking the menu to reflect what has proved popular with customers but the basis is modern versions of classic dishes. There’s a bit of an international flavour as well, for instance the starters include coarse chicken pate or salmon fishcakes but also frito misto and masala prawns. Main courses include Dixie’s three little pigs – cheek, fillet and belly pork with apple and a sage gravy – or chicken with king prawns alongside the more classic duck breast in a confit or salmon en croute.

John, who worked at top restaurants in London including The Ivy and famed seafood restaurant Sheekey’s, is very keen on offering fish on the specials menu, depending on what’s looking good. He has found that people favour the more elaborate choices and so the menu now reflects that.

Kitchen’s beginnings were at Fine Food and Fine Wine next door. John said: “Kitchen was born out of doing tastings in our shop next door.

“We had a lot of customers, so we decided to build a bigger kitchen and open a restaurant.”

On Wednesdays there are special Taste of the Kitchen nights for a whole table of diners only, with a special menu of six or seven courses married to carefully-chosen wines that come from next door. Similar events are still held in Food and Fine Wine as well and booking is essential.

For details, call 267 1351 or go to www.sheffieldkitchen.com. Kitchen is at 762 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield and is open Wednesday to Sunday.