Why you could be fined £1,000 if you do any of these things on the Sheffield Supertram

Thousands of people in Sheffield hop on a tram every day but you could be facing a huge fine for breaking any of their rules. 

Stagecoach Supertram have been running the trams for over 20 years and pride themselves on providinf a ‘clean, quiet and reliable service’.

Rules on Sheffield Supertram

Rules on Sheffield Supertram

As a result, the company have their very own set of by-laws to keep their trams looking and running smoothly. 

If any passenger breaks any of these by-laws then they could be slapped with a £1,000 fine. 

Any person found breaking any of the by-laws will be asked to give their name and address to an office and may be removed from the tram. 

These are all the rules you must follow on the Supertram

Stock picture.

Stock picture.

- Tickets

You must purchase a ticket for the tram and cannot stay on the tram after the stop for which you have bought your ticket

You cannot deface your ticket or use a ticket which has been ‘altered, defacted or multilated’

You must give your ticket over to an Authorised Officer for inspection if requested and they may keep it if it is expired, altered, defaced, mutilated or invalid. 

Sheffield Stock Cathedral Tram Stop

Sheffield Stock Cathedral Tram Stop

You must not sell, purchase or transfer a partly used ticket

You must not use any concession when not entitled to for you or any other person or use a ticket purchased at reduced fare outside the time constraints. 

- Obstruction

You must not obstruct any vehicle or tamper with any appliances, open any gates to a platform or leave an item that would obstruct the ‘safe and efficient operating and working of the system’.

You must not intentionally instruction an Authorised Officer or enter the tram with an infectious or contagious disease. 

- Smoking

You must not smoke or carry any lighted tobacco on the tram, including pipes, cigars or cigarettes. 

You must not bring any fire or naked light on the tram as well as any loaded shotgun, air weapon or any other loaded or not loaded firearm and ammunition.

- Alcohol

You must not consume or carry opened alcohol or consume any food which will soil the tram

Nobody who is intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal substance can enter the tram

You must not bring any inflammable, explosive or corrosive gas, petrol or other spirit, liquid substance or matter which could be harmful. 


You must not bring any animal unless authorised by the Conditions of Carriage or any Authorised Office. 

This does not stop people using a guide or support dog  but it is their responsibility to ensure it does not cause nuisance or obstruction to any people or tram. 

No animal should occupy a seat or be left unattended

- Bicycles

You must not bring a bike or any other wheeled vehicles (apart from wheelchairs, pushchairs or prams) on the tram. 

You must not bring any luggage that causes obstruction, inconvenience or danger on the tram. 

- Offensive language, noise and nuisance

Nobody shall use any obscene, threatening, abusive or insulting language or behaviour; or make noise which will cause a nuisance.

You must not use a radio, audio or video equipment or perform a musical instrument

You must not sell any goods or beg for reward or conduct yourself in a disorderly manner which will cause nuisance or annoyance.

- Conduct

You must not distract the driver, tamper with the system, damage any part of the vehicle or system.

You must not leave or enter the vehicle after the doors have closed, cross the line in an unsafe manner or walk, trot, run, cycle or drive on the tram.

You must not post any bills on the tram, distribute documents, beg for money, busk or sell any item on the tram.

You must not drop litter, spit or give any false fire, ambulance, bomb or any other emergency alarm. 

You must not climb on any part of the tram, wear any clothing likely to soil the seats or bearing any obscene or abusive words or material.

You must not set up temporary or permanent residence on any part of the system or skateboard or roller skate on the tram.