Wildlife Column: University calling eco-scientists

Sheffield Hallam University and partners are hosting a series of environmental events open to allas part of our on-going citizen science projects. 
Firstly, these showcase current exciting research projects at a one-day ‘eco-science and history in the park’ event, Saturday October 7 at Longshaw’s Moorland Discovery Centre.

There will be displays, hands-on activities, and guided walks to see and hear red deer with Andy Alder and Joe Worden, and with Dr Paul Ardron to view sphagnum mosses and waxcap fungi.

Examining the ‘Healing Harvest’ of moors and bogs.

Christine Handley and Thelma Griffiths will be examining the ‘Healing Harvest’ of moors and bogs, and there will be students from Sheffield Hallam University on-hand with Dr Naomi Holmes and me to demonstrate on-going work to discover the countryside history of the Eastern Moors and Burbage. Full details and updates are on: http://www.ukeconet.org/ecoscience2017.html ; there is no need to book and it is free from 11 am to 4 pm, followed by the red deer rutting walk.

Then on Monday November 27 we have an evening event at Sheffield Hallam University’s Charles Street lecture theatre, with Professor Chris Baines and I giving presentations, and displays and poster papers reporting a host of projects from ‘Shadow Woods’ to sampling the history of peat bogs. Again, students from Sheffield Hallam University will be on-hand with Dr Naomi Holmes to present and to discuss their work. Details, updates, and bookings (free) on: http://www.ukeconet.org/wmwpsw.html

Finally, we also have a ‘Shadow Woods’ field day on Friday October 20, to view the recently-discovered areas of Domesday countryside around Owler Bar in the eastern Peak District. Visit https://bookwhen.com/sybrg/e/ev-sdmq-20171020100000. Booking is essential, with numbers limited and there is a small fee to cover lunch at the Grouse Inn. These events are to engage the public, researchers, managers, and other stakeholders in peatland landscapes and their ecological histories in the Peak District area, so do join us! All welcome. For more details check the website or call 0114 2724227. These activities are supported by the British Ecological Society.

Professor Ian D. Rotherham, of Sheffield Hallam University, researcher, writer and broadcaster on wildlife and environmental issues