Will Going Public have an effect?

Wavy Line No 11 by David Lucas
Wavy Line No 11 by David Lucas

Will Going Public, the recent exhibition of contemporary artworks from four international art collections, encourage people closer to home to invest in art, ask many Sheffield artists.

Among them is painter David Lucas who relies on commissions such as four paintings acquired by two avid collectors of contemporary art.

“This involved an informed approach that placed the art at the centre of their redecoration project, using bold background colours that closely complement the colours in the paintings,” he says.

“I have sold my work directly to the public from the studio to many people in Sheffield and surrounding districts as well as international collectors and those from further afield who either visit or have paintings shipped to them.”

“In a marketplace swamped with the mass produced - posters pretending to be prints, reproductions masquerading as artist’s hand crafted limited editions - a unique work of art is just that, there is only one of them and it is not possible to reproduce an identical copy.

“With the tremendous amount of visual imagery used to sell us products in the form of advertising, creative artists must jostle for attention,” he continues.

“We’re up against tremendous competition and the public have come to expect highly commercialised branding and hi-tech product. 

“Finding business partners/collectors to invest and help projects to be realised may be one way to combat the negative impact of diminishing public funds.

“Crowdfunding and other new forms of fundraising will be needed to fill a huge gap left after cuts in public arts expenditure.”

David Lucas is showing a recently completed original oil on canvas, Lights, at the Cupola Gallery’s 24th Christmas , Presents / Presence, which is on view until January 9.