With Valentines Day fast approaching, a new survey has revealed that Sheffield guys really are an emotional bunch...

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The British stiff upper lip may well be a thing of the past, according to a new survey which revealed nearly three quarters of men have cried openly in front of others.

Four out of five men polled admitted they were happy to “express their emotions” to their partner and 84 percent said they would not think twice about telling loved ones “how they really feel.”

Sheffield men were leading the way for the UK with a staggering 92 percent happy to get more than a little mushy with their significant other.

The poll, run by Clinton Cards, also found that it takes just one month for 1 in 10 men to tell a woman how they feel in a relationship, increasing to almost a third by the time they reach the three-month mark.

A spokesman for Clinton Cards said: “For years men have been accused of always keeping their emotions to themselves. But now it seems this is no longer the case, with seven out of 10 men becoming more comfortable than ever with expressing their feelings, not just to their partner but to family and friends too.”

Look out ladies - there may be hope for this Valentines Day yet...