Woman thrown out of Sheffield Arena after punching a man during Kell Brook fight

It was a winning right had, aimed just below the jaw line.

Monday, 10th December 2018, 9:26 am
Updated Monday, 10th December 2018, 9:30 am
A crowd scene near last night's disturbance

Arguably the shot of the night, in the Kell Brook v Michael Zarafa show, at Sheffield Arena, last night.

But the action didn't come in the ring.

It came from a woman who lost her temper with a middle-aged boxing fan sat behind her.

The pair had been at loggerheads as Brook's fight went into the later rounds.

Perhaps it was the frustration caused by what turned out to be a "flat" performance by their hero.

Suddenly, the woman stood up and delivered one blow, followed by another to the man dressed in suit and tie.

Matchroom security whisked the woman away - presumably to eject her, rather than sign her up.

She can't have been happy, she will paid a pretty penny for her seat in the 'inner circle' at the Arena.

Earlier, there was a flare-up in one of the other  stands when French followers of Guillaume Frenois vented their wrath at the judges' decision to award a draw in his 12-round war with Jono Carroll.

Some followers spilled down the stairs and into a section of Brook supporters.

But again, security officials were on the scene quickly to avoid any trouble.