Yellow weather warning issued as Storm Helene approaches Sheffield – here’s everything you need to know before it hits 

Storm Helene will bring wind speeds of up to 50mph
Storm Helene will bring wind speeds of up to 50mph

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for most of the country in anticipation of Storm Helene’s arrival in the UK.

Sheffield and south Yorkshire could be battered by high winds during Monday night and Tuesday morning as the storm moves up the country after coming across the Atlantic.

Storm Helene

Storm Helene

Experts have said that while the storm is weakening as it travels towards the UK, it could still cause trees to fall and cause delays to public transport including rail, air and ferry services.

Vehicles travelling on bridges could also be affected.

The Met Office revised their original warning, which said that the storm could pose a threat to life and bring 70mph winds.

Winds are still expected to reach up to 50mph across the yellow warning area.

Storm Helene will move northeast up the country, with the north, Scotland and Ireland expected to be the worst affected.

The storm will also bring warm weather to the south east and London, which could see temperatures soar to 27 degrees.