'You have ruined our lives,' wife of Sheffield stab victim tells killer

As she bravely stood up to face her husband's killer in court, the wife of a Sheffield stabbing victim spoke of the gut-wrenching grief both she and their seven-year-old daughter, Amelia, have had to endure since his death.

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 19:36 pm
Updated Wednesday, 22nd August 2018, 19:40 pm
Martina and Sami had been together for 13 years when he tragically lost his life in September last year

During a hearing held at Sheffield Crown Court today, Khalid Mokadeh, 22, was sentenced for the manslaughter of Sami Al-Saroori, who he fatally stabbed in the heart on September 9 last year.

Judge Paul Watson QC jailed Mokadeh, of The Oval, Firth Park for a total of 27 years the manslaughter of Mr Al-Saroori, and two additional stabbings, during a hearing held at Sheffield Crown Court today.

Khalid Mokadeh has been jailed for 27 years

All of Mokadeh's three knife attacks were carried out on the Wensley Estate between May and September last year.

Mr Al-Saroori's wife, Martina, faced Mokadeh in court to describe the devastating impact his actions have had on her and their seven-year-old daughter.

She said: “When I was told that Sami had died, my whole world caved in. I never got to hold him or see him again before his death.

“The next time I saw Sami was at the morgue. Even when I visited him there I found it so hard to leave. I had no idea how I was going to tell Amelia that Baba had died. I asked her if she knew about heaven and angels.

“She said that she did. I told her I had something to tell her about Baba. She looked at me and I could see in her eyes she knew. Baba had not been around for a few days.

"I told Amelia that Baba had gone to heaven to be with the angels. She screamed and cried. She was inconsolable for some time. I should never have had to have that conversation with her.”

She added: “We fell in love and married when I was 16-years-old. Sami was my first boyfriend, he is all I have ever known. We had been together for 13 years when he was taken away from me.

“He was always there, but not anymore. I never thought that Sami. We will never get to share, enjoy, laugh and cry together about experiences. I miss him so much.”

"Khalid Mokadeh has taken Sami away from me and Amelia. He has ruined our lives. He has robbed Sami of his own future. He has shown no remorse for what he has done, and I will never forgive him for it."

Mokadeh was found guilty of the manslaughter of Mr Al-Saroori following a four week trial held earlier this year. He admitted the offences concerning the other two stabbings at different points during his two scheduled trials for the offences.

Judge Watson also sentenced Mokadeh to an extended license period of three years, bringing his total sentence to 30 years, due to the ‘substantial risk of the commission of further offences involving the use of knives’ he is deemed to pose.