Youngsters home in on puppy love

Youngsters with the puppies at Lane End Farm
Youngsters with the puppies at Lane End Farm

The Easter arrivals at Lane End Farm are not lambs or chicks, but puppies!

Sheepdog Leela has given birth to six of them – and their young handlers hope that good homes can be found for all of them.

The Lane End Farm Trust, at Abney near Hathersage, helps disabled and disengaged young people to develop social, personal and technical skills. The farm’s four working sheepdogs play a key part in this process.

Manager Vivienne Howson said: “Most of the young people who come here struggle to engage with other people. The dogs offer a chance to build less complicated relationships.”

Youngsters respond to the love they receive from the dogs, while those in wheelchairs gain a sense of freedom by learning to command them with just a whistle.

The new puppies are pure-bred border collies that are used to being handled. Now the Trust is looking for loving homes to take them on – in exchange for a donation.

Contact Vivienne Howson on (01433) 650043 or email