Accidents fears for apartment scheme

From: Aubrey Read

Dore Road

Sheffield City Council is refusing to engage with residents, despite 700 letters of concern regarding sub-standard access and egress arrangements on a proposed multi-storey apartment scheme at 135 Dore Road.

One of the key concerns is that the development is to be sited next to a very busy doctors’ surgery on a blind bend. Further, the road is of very narrow construction with a single pavement.

I witnessed a traffic accident on this bend in which a visitor to the same site was very seriously injured. We already have a dangerous situation and this will be compounded as the development will generate up to 100 traffic movements a day.

There will be an increased risk of collisions when vehicles exit both the development and the surgery which is just 10m away.

Also there is an issue when a vehicle is waiting to enter the proposed development site which will result in overtaking manoeuvres approaching a blind bend, as well as forcing pedestrians on to the road.

A lot of drivers and pedestrians visiting the surgery are elderly and vulnerable and will be exposed to an unacceptable level of risk.

There is a further development of 25 houses taking place on Dore Road which will generate even more traffic, adding to the congestion at the bottom of the road.

I would ask whether the council has a traffic strategy for Dore.