Action needed at Malin Bridge

From: Ron Clayton

Sheffield S6

Your article Wheel of history is turning once again (Telegraph. September 8) regarding Shepherd Wheel made me smile in connection with regard to our own wheel here in Malin Bridge.

Ours is the only undershot (water goes underneath) wheel for miles and miles and what a state of affairs we have here in S6.

It’s been out of action probably longer than Shepherd and it’s still out of action, turning a nice autumn russet colour, supposedly being turned once a month for maintenance. Only it ain’t, with the developer apparently gone bust and maintenance operative as rare as a commissioned RN aircraft carrier.

Coun Arthur Dunworth seeks assistance in forming a group to turn it on a regular basis,

Whoa Arthur, private property. What about the issue of access Arthur?

Whoever allowed planning permission when access to turn the wheel means climbing over railings several feet high and did any council officers or councillors see this? As for a local group-they exist-Loxley Valley Protection Society.

As for the bridge, part of which has collapsed into the Loxley, nothing done for weeks. Right Arthur, the community is up for a clean-up of the river (and that includes Forge Valley School) to remove the traffic cones, fences, recycling box etc but will the council let us do it with the state of the bridge?

Surely time for the council to move, Arthur?