Affordable homes must still be built From: Greg Fletcher Springvale Road, S6

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I have noticed recently that there have been a number of applications for housing where the council have been asked to reduce the amount of affordable housing in the scheme to make it viable, say the builders.

It is essential that the council do not back down, otherwise many people will never get on to the housing ladder.

Also, with the cost of renting beginning to get ridiculous, many people will not be able to afford that either, all of which will lead to homelessness, in its wider sense.

It has been suggested by the Institute of Public Policy Research that pension funds, especially local authority ones, should invest in housing.

I think that is a good idea and better than the funds investing in ‘defence’ companies or other non-ethical industries.

As the major provider of funds, our council, along with others, should call upon the pension funds to shift their investments so that a lot more social and other affordable housing is built.

But, at the same time, it is also essential that housing is built on non-green belt land. A green belt is key to helping keep pollution down as well as being an area for wildlife to survive, all part of the food chain.