Another victim of parking tactics

We were among those who had the same experience as John Dunkley (Letters, January 13) when trying to find a car parking space in a crowded and foggy Centertainment between Christmas and New Year.

With all parking bays full we followed many others in parking safely and without causing any obstruction, only to find an £80 notice on our windscreen when we returned.

The advice we have received is that as this is a privately owned car park these £80 so-called penalty notices, although they try to pass themselves off as official parking tickets, actually have dubious legal standing.

They are pure attempts at obtaining money by bullying tactics.

The advice from respected experts is to ignore them, and on no account to contact the company as they will only harass you once they have your contact details.

And shame on Centertainment for employing such sharks to run a service that sets out to ruin what should be fun outings.

Like many others we will be thinking very carefully before the centre gets our custom again.