Bans affecting feel-good factor

From: HJ Greaves

Sheffield S7

Over the years I’ve visited hundreds of council flats and maisonettes, many of which have made much effort to enhance their communal areas and landings with small pieces of furniture and decorative items, thus transforming these stark areas and creating a feel-good factor.

However, the Council Commissars and ‘Elf an’ Safety brigade have decided to put an end to all that and all such extras must now be removed.

How many people I wonder have been burned to death by or tripped up on these small pieces of furniture since this style of social housing was introduced? There must be a record somewhere of these statistics which would make interesting reading.

The next step will most probably be the banning of plants and flowers in these areas just in case they invoke asthma attacks. They can then send the jobsworths with the clipboards around to make sure that everyone has obeyed this diktat. The areas can then be returned to their original bleak concrete state, thus killing off all personalisation, individualism and improvement of surroundings.

Keeps ‘em in their place you see.

Good to see that Stalinism is still alive and well in Sheffield.