Be careful what you wish for . . .

From: Coun Julie Dore

Leader, Sheffield City Council

I was surprised to read the Green Party’s letter about Labour’s first 100 days in charge at the Council.

Labour’s first 100 days has been marked with action, fulfilling the promises that were made at the election and getting to grips with the mess that was left by the Lib Dems in trying to deal with the £220 million of Government cuts. We have recently launched an apprenticeship programme which will get 100 young people into employment and provide them with qualifications. In addition to this we have reversed, or partly reversed, Lib Dem cuts to PCSOs, childcare, study support, adventure playgrounds and the markets. In fact we have received the support of the Green Party on these key actions, which makes it all the more bizarre they have come out on the attack!

The letter also comments on the record of the Greens in Brighton, where they have recently taken control of the Council. From reading the letter one could be forgiven for thinking that Greens have transformed Brighton in just 100 days, in fact a closer look at what the Greens have done tells quite a different story.

When in opposition, the Brighton Green Party claimed they would resist all the cuts, yes all cuts, that the Government are making. However, since they have come into power they have stood by and watched the Government cut key schemes and left the Government cuts that were made earlier this year unchanged. For example, they plan to axe 80 council staff jobs this year alone, as well as waving goodbye to a programme which upgraded homes for vulnerable people.

They have broken a mountain of other ambitious promises, such as cutting senior management posts and councillors allowances and have had to bin some silly schemes such as ‘Meat free Mondays’ for all council staff and a ban on Park’n’Rides.

The Greens big promises may seem tempting at first, but the Brighton experience tells us; be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.