Bringing back No40 is the only answer

From: Dr Adrian Padfield

Fulwood Road, Sheffield S10

Before and after writing to you last August (Bus changes made service worse: August 4, 2011) I exchanged emails with SYPTE. There is no doubt that SYPTE has no intention of improving the appalling service provided by the 120 bus to the west side of the city.

They agree that the Pond Street bus stop is unattractive but say that the extra 90 seconds it takes if the 120 stops in the Interchange is a penalty for the 87% of passengers continuing on into the centre. The fact that most of them will get off soon after seems irrelevant.

Also it is not uncommon for the bus drivers to change over at the next stop, Flat Street, which takes more than 90 seconds. I believe SYPTE incurs extra costs for use of the Interchange but this was not mentioned.

SYPTE admitted that 120 timekeeping on the west side of the ciity is poor and said it would be improved. It hasn’t; there are two bus stops outside my house and I regularly see two or more 120s travelling in convoy in both directions.

This may be understandable from the centre but how can it happen over the short distance from the Fulwood terminal?

An SYPTE letter said there will be ‘an extra bus resource between the Royal Hallamshire Hospital (RHH) and Fulwood’.

That should mean extra buses will go from RHH to Fulwood but when I suggested that a separate service from the centre to and from Fulwood would alleviate problems, SYPTE responded that it would double the provision at the centre and increase congestion, costs and vehicle emissions. I

I’ve since discovered that they do provide a separate service from Crystal Peaks/Halfway to the centre; namely the 41 & 44. Then there is also the Stagecoach 120 which goes only to RHH during the day; presumably for the benefit of patients and their relatives from Halfway and Crystal Peaks?

So one side of the city get preferential treatment!

It all comes back to reinstating the 40... Then we could get to the Showroom and railway station more easily and wait in the shelter and safety of the Interchange to return.