Britain needs a pay rise, you can help


Working people’s living standards are being squeezed harder every year. The cost of energy, transport and housing is soaring yet wages are £2,000 lower in real terms than they were in 2010.

To highlight the financial struggle that many ordinary families are facing and to raise the issue of low pay, the TUC is running Fair Pay Fortnight, ending April 6.

Jobs may be returning to the economy, but increasingly they’re low paid, low hours and offering low security. In-work poverty is growing, with more working people turning to food banks or payday lenders to get by.

Unions around the country are pressing for fairer pay for their members and the public. Britain needs a pay rise and that’s why the TUC is calling on all the political parties to make fair pay a priority in their election manifestos. It is essential that workers benefit from economic growth and we need an economy that can create good jobs with decent wages for everyone.

Please sign the petition for fairer pay at

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady