Bus changes made service worse

From: Adrian Padfield

Fulwood Road, S10

I came back to Sheffield railway station on Monday evening to find that the 40 bus no longer runs.

I was told by a bus driver at the old D6 stand that I would have to walk up to the Flat Street stop (This was wrong; the stop is just across from the interchange). So I toiled up the hill with my heavy luggage to get on the 120.

On the 120 a leaflet announces: ‘Service changes in Sheffield from July 24’. It doesn’t mention the loss of the 40, just saying on the back: ‘Exciting changes to services 40,..’ &c., with no details.

When I got off, the bus stop notice says Optio is providing ‘Better services’!

This is virtually a lie; the service is worse. It is now not possible for me to take a bus to the Showroom as before or walk on from there to the railway station. Is it not extraordinary that there is no bus stop at the station as there used to be?

Continuing my criticism of bus services., why do many drivers accelerate and brake so hard that it is difficult to keep one’s footing?

It’s not good for the passengers and must be bad for the bus mechanisms and fuel consumption. Good driving is smooth and intelligent anticipation helps.