Church advice on healthy lifestyle

From: Val Grossett

Sheffield CHIP Director

I noticed that your paper recently ran a story that vegetarians have a lower heart risk. The story was based on research conducted on members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, many of whom are vegetarian.

However, beyond that, Adventists believe in a holistic lifestyle that includes a balance of work, rest, healthy exercise, play and positive mental outlook that generally gives a better quality of life – and can even extend life expectancy.

Adventists are well known for sharing their health expertise with the community including the CHIP (Coronary Health Improvement Project), a four-week community based healthy lifestyle programme that encourages participants to take charge of their health by daily exercise, eating more plant-based foods, drinking water, getting adequate sunlight, fresh air and rest. It also addresses emotional health by looking at social supports, forgiveness and self-esteem.

The course that has over 40,000 graduates worldwide will be running from May 3-26, three nights per week, 7-9pm at the Burngreave Seventh day Adventist Church Hall. All welcome.

For more information, contact Val Grossett 07412 661862.