Clear message on apprentice scheme

From: Coun Julie Dore

Leader of Sheffield City Council

It was with some confusion that I read recent comments in the local press from the Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group in Sheffield, where he stated that he was delighted that the council was taking part in the Government’s apprenticeship programme.

In fact the council has been clear from the start that our £1m apprenticeship scheme for young people in Sheffield must be in addition to any existing national programmes - that’s why it’s targeted at those young people who are unlikely to otherwise get the chance to participate in an apprenticeship.

Secondly Sheffield City Council’s scheme - unlike the Government’s - is in the here and now and I’m delighted that the first group of young people are already enrolled and have been starting their pre-apprenticeship preparation since September 12.

Either Coun Shaffaq Mohammed is cynically and deliberately trying to mislead the public about the nature of the council’s apprenticeship scheme, and the level of additional investment, or he is simply ignorant to the facts. Either way I hope that this serves to clarify the correct position.