Community leaders of city’s twin town appeal to the Lord Mayor for support

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The residents of Sheffield twin town Donetsk are asking for your attention to the problems of human rights and freedoms.

Members of the ruling coalition in the Ukrainian parliament, oligarchs and government leaders, in violation of all procedures, adopted laws that criminalised any form of dissent and made it impossible for NGOs to operate, which were already fighting for survival.

Instead of supporting their residents in the struggle for rights and freedoms, as in other Ukrainian cities, Donetsk authorities provide tacit consent to criminal elements who interfere with peaceful meetings of citizens in every way, administrative resources are used to organise rallies in support of the government, while the local council members vote for the decisions, which aggravate the situation in the country.

Activists from a non-political movement in support of the legitimate rights and freedoms of citizens in Donetsk have already faced with the facts of physical violence, threats to life, trumped-up charges of absurd crimes, pressure on the work of civil society organisations, and obstacles in the exercise of the freedom of assembly.

We ask that you reach a decision in your city to consider the situation in Donetsk, and make an appeal to the authorities of Donetsk, about what is happening here.

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