Concerns over Heritage Museum

From: Don Alexander and Ken Hawley

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We feel we must express our concern over the possible loss of the Traditional Heritage Museum.

It is irreplaceable with its unique collection of rooms, shops, and little mester workshops, familiar to any Sheffielder over 40.

If the museum is closed for good, will its contents have to be stored, at great cost to the University of Sheffield - or, worse, auctioned off because they are “strapped for cash?”

Prof. John Widdowson, founder of this wonderful “Secret Museum”, brought town and gown together, with down-to-earth, expert Sheffielders as volunteers, working alongside his students.

As well as older Sheffielders feeling at home there, younger generations, including regular parties of schoolchildren, had the chance to see how their grandparents and great-grandparents lived, worked and shopped.

The University has a good reputation establishing and caring for this museum (as well as helping to save the Hawley collection) so let’s hope they can maintain this reputation, and that the Prof’s suggestion of a sponsorship appeal bears fruit.