Do we care about our quality of life?

From: Justin Smith

Hillsborough, S6

We recently returned from a trip to New Zealand and what a fabulous country it is. I can see why so many British people want to move out there.

But apart from the friendly people and wonderful scenery, New Zealand scores over Britain in another area: they`re actually bothered about people’s quality of life.

It’s common knowledge that noise is one of the biggest causes of stress, and road noise is high up on that list. In fact, as reported by the Sheffield Telegraph last year, a horse rider was killed when an unsilenced motorbike caused her horse to bolt. That might be a rare event, but what’s very common is deafening cars and motorbikes shattering what peace and quiet we’ve got left in this green and pleasant land.

In NZ they clamp down on road noise. As an example they they prohibit trucks from using engine braking in built-up areas and there are hardly any unsilenced cars or motorbikes because the police prosecute them.

Compare that to this country where the police aren’t at all bothered about unsilenced cars/motorbikes. I made a Freedom Of Information request to South Yorkshire Police last year and they confirmed that in 2009 they didn’t prosecute any riders for having an unsilenced motorbike, and let`s face it unsilenced cars and bikes aren’t exactly hard to find are they? The fines would even pay for the enforcement.

The fact that nothing is done about this anti-social menace is an absolute disgrace. Maybe South Yorkshire Police would like to explain why they are less bothered about people’s quality of life than the NZ police?