Excel-let the courts decide

From: RW

Name and address supplied

In response to the comments from Gregor Woods in relation to the activities of Excel Parking Services, I can report that Excel took proceedings against me in the Sheffield County Court last year in relation to parking a car in Berkeley Precinct, Ecclesall Road .

Although I have no legal background, I represented myself and found the fast track Small Claims process rapid, straightforward and on the day relatively stress-free.

The process involved hearing the case from both sides in a small room with just the District Judge, myself and a solicitor representing Excel present.

My defence centred on the fact that the company had suffered no loss, that there was no contract between us, and in any event they had acted unreasonably. However, as I was not the driver of the car at the time that the ticket was issued, the Judge advised me that I need not disclose any further information to either the court or Excel.

It took less than 10 minutes for the Judge to find in my favour, refuse Excel any right of appeal, and admonish their solicitor, commenting that he was extremely unhappy with several aspects of the case. My only regret is that in the excitment of winning my case, I failed to apply for costs.

The County Court is the only way to get a fair hearing, and I would encourage others affected to ignore Excel’s tactics, opting instead if you feel that Excel have acted unreasonably to let the court decide.