Failing to help those who need it

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From: Philip Hutchinson,

Glen Road, Sheffield S7

Recently, David Cameron was applauded for a speech on Christian values, and indeed, the values of all the major religions, which stress how we can all contribute to a fair and just society.

However, the Coalition Government has made the interests of the City, of bankers and financial dealers paramount. We saw this again with the distancing from talks with European partners, and we’ve seen it time and again with the puritanical and misguided strategies on welfare, where the Government is paying out millions of pounds to private companies and agencies to deliver pointless health assessments and work programmes.

At a time of global restructuring, it is the poorest who should be protected. For this Conservative and Liberal Democrat Government, it is the opposite.

Once we were organised; we had to be. Now we are torn to pieces, reduced to thinking of ourselves only. It doesn’t work. yet still these powerful people deliver their hollow, meaningless exhortations.

Still, we’ve got a 24-hour casino to go with the 24-hour drinking, haven’t we?

See you next lifetime