Fewer cars on road is only real solution

From: A Kennedy

Brincliffe Gardens, Sheffield S11

Roger Humphrey, (Sheffield Telegraph, February 17) is absolutely right in saying that the council should not waste its time and our money in tinkering with the layout of Ecclesall Road in order to achieve a very minor improvement in journey times.

A great deal of money has been spent on Chesterfield Road at Woodseats without success.

The situation along most of Ecclesall Road is much better in that, for most of its length, the carriageway is wide, there is a frequent, if unpredictable, bus service, the road surface is reasonable and the pavements are wide enough to make shopping there almost pleasurable.

The main problems are the congestion and the air pollution caused by the huge number of vehicles using the road. One cannot complain about delivery vehicles or Veolia’s trucks causing delays for the many successful businesses that function in this road depend on their supplies and removal of refuse in order to continue trading.

The fundamental problem is due to the huge number of vehicles on the road and, unless that can be reduced, any fiddling with the layout will just waste money that might be better spent on resurfacing Sheffield’s many worn-out road surfaces.

The mechanisms for reducing car usage are well known and include reallocation of road space, road pricing, reducing the number of parking spaces and increasing the cost of parking.

As such measures tend to be unpopular politically we shall just have to put up with things as they are until the public sees sense.

The problem has spilled over into other roads and a significant number of heavy goods vehicles have taken to using Psalter Lane which now has traffic jams of its own, especially where it joins Ecclesall Road South.