Fitting end to a year of wonders

From: John Travis

Holmesfield, S18

AS I sang Auld Lang Syne with the cast and audience of Me And My Girl at the New Year’s Eve performance at the Crucible, I reflected upon being priviliged to see a treasure chest of outstanding theatrical performances throughout the country; ranging from seeing the Bourne Swan Lake, Hair, the entire Bolshoi Ballet season, Royal Opera’s Manon and the National Theatre’s After The Dance.

Nevertheless, the Crucible’s Me And My Girl ended this year of years on a high note. It shines as bright as anything I have seen this year. In a distinguished cast, Daniel Crossley was a lion, what a tour de force as Bill Snibson. My old mum thought he surpassed Lupino Lane!

Bravo Crucible, bravo Sheffield, for ending a year of theatre wonders in the best of ways. Such stuff as dreams are made.